My Bullet Journal Obsession

My Bullet Journal Obsession

Have you heard of this? I began my obsession with the Bullet Journal about four years ago. If you want to get organized, this will be your BFF for 2019.

I am not being paid or collecting points or percentages for referrals or #girlboss bonuses or wanting you to try anything because I’m just getting a little writing groove on and this is my blog but I digress. I’m not even getting a discount if you read this or click through or whatever you’d like to do. If you’re still reading this then buckle up bullet babes and boys because well I don’t know I’m just babbling and you’re still reading. As I was saying ..

I have so many pieces of paper here and there with random passwords, random events, random phone numbers, random everywhere.  This is my perfect way to combine everything (personal and professional) into one that’s easy to reference back and forth throughout the year.

The best part about it is that I am only carrying ONE notebook everywhere I go. I use an iPhone, but it quickly fills up and gets confusing.  I need a visual of where my weeks are going to take me.  Now I can view each week before it happens and make sure events and/or appointments are all accounted for before the week begins.

It’s super easy to find things via the index page where I have different “collections”:  Books to read, apps to try, money to budget.  I have a page for my hair.  When it’s time to cover those grays,  I open my handy dandy index, scan for hair and it’s on page 89 and bam! I see what I mixed last time (about four weeks ago) I used an oz of 6A and a quarter of 7n with 20vol. No muss no fuss.

Every year right around Thanksgiving I “migrate” my information into the new year.  This helps me see what worked (getting up 5 days a week at 6am) and what fell flat (preparing homemade bone broth 3x/week).  From there I can make new goals that I may or may not keep!

Goal #1: Stop procrastinating



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